1. Personal data of individual users of AGRONOVATOR Service shall be processed by Linemedia FZC, an entity registered under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, address: P.O. Box 50797, ELOB of. No E-97F-09, Sharjah (hereinafter, the Company). The Company is the owner of AGRONOVATOR User Personal Data Base.
    2. Linemedia FZC incorporated and acting under the laws of the United Arab Emirates located at P.O. Box 50797, ELOB of. No E-97F-09, Sharjah, is an administrator of AGRONOVATOR User Personal Data Base.
    3. This Privacy Policy describes the procedure established by the Company for processing of personal data collected through the Websites and related services and tools enabling Users to register on the Website, to post or to view posted ads in a real-time mode, to use another AGRONOVATOR Service related to the above. In all these cases, the Company shall process users' personal data solely to the extent required by the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" and the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data. This Privacy Policy was developed in accordance with the provisions of these documents.
    4. By using the Website and/or any other related services AGRONOVATOR, the User gives his/her consent to the Company for processing of his/her personal data, such as User's name; region of residence, e-mail address, telephone number and other User's contact details; IP addresses and other users' communication data; messages, letters, and applications submitted to the User by other users and vice versa, and gives his/her consent to the transfer of his/her personal data to third parties including the transfer of personal data abroad in any third country subject to this Privacy Policy and the AGRONOVATOR User Services Agreement.
    5. Users should be aware that by clicking links available on the Website, they may be redirected to Websites (software applications, etc.) of other companies outside the Company's hosting space where Users' information is collected beyond the Company's control. In this case, the Privacy Policy of third party websites and/or software applications shall apply to the processing of information obtained from users by such third parties.
    1. Account information: When the User creates an account on the Website, the Company may require certain information, such as a valid e-mail address and a password. The account may include user information such as geographical location, full name, telephone number, and related details, including photos which can be uploaded by the User to his/her account. The account allows users to communicate with each other in order to express interest in their offers. Users are responsible for all information published by them in public accounts. The user should carefully consider all risks associated with making certain information, such as address or his/her exact location, publicly available. If the user decides to enter the Website using a third-party operator authentication service, for example, Facebook information, the Company may get his/her additional profile or other details, access to which is provided by such third party.
    2. Ads and transactions: As part of website operation, the Company may post information, including personal and contact details, required for transactions between a buyer and a seller, so users could send messages, communicate with each other and make payments. All information required for the publication of ads is required to create an account. Users are responsible for all information posted on the website. The user should carefully consider all risks associated with making certain information, such as address or any other personal details, publicly available.
    3. Customer service: When Users contact the customer service, the Company may, as a part of website operation, collect personal information to satisfy User's request and provide feedback if appropriate. The Company may also contact the User, using the contact information available in his/her current account provided for that purpose. The Company may also collect other information about communication with the User, such as all User's requests to the customer service or any feedback provided.
    4. Website: The Company may automatically receive and record on its servers the information from user's browser or any other device, including his/her IP-address, software and hardware details, pages hit by the User, mobile identifiers, information about how to use the application and/or information about other devices or system-level information. This may occur on the Website or third party services. For more information about how users can control and/or block such collection please refer to section 6 of this Policy.
    5. Enclosed information: The Company may also add information lawfully obtained from its business partners or third parties to the Company's existing data about their users. Information not collected and not processed by the Company: The Company neither collects nor processes personal data on racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, and similar information.
    1. As a part of website operation, the Company may collect certain information by using technologies such as cookies, pixels, and a local store (in your browser or mobile device).
    2. COOKIES are small text files that store information directly on a user's computer, mobile phone or other device.
    3. Pixels are small digital images, elements of codes on web pages, which allow another server to measure web page viewability and are often used in conjunction with cookies. The code tracks if and when (and on what page) pixel is downloaded to indicate that the user interacts with the page or part of a page of the Website.
    4. The Company may allow third parties, such as providers of promotional and/or analytical services, to collect information directly on the web page of the Website using these technologies. The data they collect are protected according to the privacy policy of such third parties.
    1. In order to provide its services, the Company may use information which the Company collects and uploads for the following purposes:
      1. provision of services to Users, including creating and managing User accounts, addressing technical issues, and accessing various functions;
      2. adaptation of offers and experience, including advertising on its services or third party services;
      3. control of User general and individual activities, such as keyword searches, ad placements and transactions, and Website traffic control;
      4. communication with the User, including service issues, customer service or authorized marketing communications through any available communication channels;
      5. research and analytic activities in order to improve our service; and
      6. compliance of AGRONOVATOR Services with the User Agreement, including prevention of fraud and abuse.
    2. The Company may store information that it collects and receives through the Website as long as it is required for the above-mentioned business purposes.
    1. The Company may share information it collects with affiliates located in any third country. These companies may only process and use personal data for the purposes specified in section 4 of this Privacy Policy. In this case, the data transmitted are subject to this Privacy Policy.
    2. The Company does not transmit users' personal information to non-affiliated parties unless otherwise is specifically authorized by Users.
    3. The Company may use third-party service providers to provide certain elements of its services. In such cases, such providers are not authorized to use personal data obtained using the Company's Website and such personal data are subject to this Privacy Policy.
    4. The Company reserves the right to exchange information with individuals and public authorities in accordance with legal requirements for the following purposes:
      1. protection from fraud and abusive practice on the Website;
      2. investigations into alleged violations of law or any other alleged violations of the AGRONOVATOR services User Agreement by Users.
    5. The Company may provide users' personal data upon request of competent authorities provided such requests are submitted in accordance with legal requirements.
    6. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, the Company undertakes not to rent or sell any User's personal data. In the event that the Company's business or a part thereof is sold or reorganized, and the Company transfers all or substantially all its assets to a new owner, users' personal data may be transferred to the buyer to ensure continuity of Website servicing.
    7. The Company may share certain anonymized information (data that does not allow to identify individual users) to third party service providers, trusted partners or authorized researchers to better understand what kind of advertising or services may be of interest to Users, to improve the overall quality and efficiency of Website services or servicing, or to make a contribution to the research which the Company believes can bring good social benefits.
    8. In the event of transfer of personal data as described in Section 5 of this Privacy Policy, users may be informed thereof at Company's discretion.
    1. Access, Correction and Removal: Users, who have created an account and placed ads on the Website, may get access to, correct or delete the information they provide. The User is responsible for accuracy of the data submitted or ads posted on the Website.
    2. Cookies: Most major PC (desktop) and mobile web browsers (e.g., Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera) offer controls that allow users to restrict or block Cookies on your systems. Please note that disabling Cookies in respect to the first category (visited websites) domains and other domains (sites related to visited websites) can, in some cases, limit functionality of such websites.
    3. Other rights of Users in connection with the processing of their personal data by the Company:
      1. to know the location of personal data base containing AGRONOVATOR user personal data, designation and name of such database, location of personal data owner and administrators or to give the respective instructions about how persons authorized by Website users may obtain this information unless otherwise required by the law;
      2. to receive information about the conditions of access to personal data, including information about third parties to which personal data of Website users are transmitted;
      3. to have access to their personal data;
      4. to receive the response whether his/her personal data is processed and to receive details on the content of such personal data within thirty calendar days from the date of the respective request, except for cases provided for by law;
      5. to submit a reasonable request to the personal data owner with the objection to processing of personal data;
      6. to submit a reasonable request to amend or destruct personal data by the personal data owner and/or administrator if such data is processed illegally or is untrue;
      7. to have personal data protected against unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to willful concealment, non-provision or untimely provision of information, as well as to be protected against information that is unreliable or discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation;
      8. to lodge complaints with regard to personal data processing to state authorities and officials, empowered to ensure personal data protection or to a court;
      9. to apply remedies in case of violation of personal data protection laws;
      10. to withdraw consent to personal data processing;
      11. to know the mechanism of the automatic personal data processing;
    1. All information collected by the Company is protected, within reasonable limits, by technical means and security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to or use of data. Company's affiliates, reliable partners and third party service providers undertake to use the information received from the Company in accordance with our security requirements and this Privacy Policy.
    1. The Company may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and the new version of the Privacy Policy shall enter into force the day it is uploaded in the Internet at the address specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise provided for by such updated Privacy Policy.
    2. In the event the Company makes any changes in the Privacy Policy and the User disagree with such changes, the User shall stop using the Website services. Continued use of the Website confirms User's acceptance of the respective version of the Privacy Policy.